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Running Up (Retro Dark Pop) Billie Eilish Guitar Instrumental [Royalty Free Music] 2023 Free For Profit (by Aries Beats)

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➤ Beat / Instrumental Data
- 100 BPM | Rate 44.100 / Stereo / 16 Bit
- Release 2023 | Januar / January / Enero
- Genre & Beschreibung - Emotional Sad Guitar Backing Track Instrumental Type Beat - Retro Pop No Copyright Free Music - 80s Synthwave DarkWave Stranger Things Relaxing Chillwave Meditation Calm Chillout Chill Out
- Inspired on Artists like - Kate Bush, Billie Eilish
- Instruments & Technology - Drumset, Guitar (acoustically and digital), Sitar
Titel: Aries Beats - Running Up

Aries Beats - Running Up Emotional Guitar Retro Pop Beat Instrumental 0s.jpg

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Stay Tuned :)

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