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Aries Beats - Passion Enigma (Sadeness Sound Alike Gregorian Chants Christian New Age 90s Retro Pop)

Hey #Retro Fans 💜 I hope you are  fine!
You know #Enigma, e.g. #Sadeness from the #90s ? Here my first song produced in this style. 😎🎵

➤➤ Enjoy here:

(Suggestion, try listening to it with sub bass capable speakers) ^^


This song is actually just a part of an upcoming EP of mine.
The duration of the EP is over an hour and is divided into several chapters / songs (the songs merge into each other)
This song “Passion” is therefore only a preview of one work of my “Enigma” Project.

As a real fan of producer #MichaelCretu , I am very deeply immersed in his works and sounds.
Especially MCMXC a.D. / The Cross of Changes / Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!
So I try to express it most authentically.

I have secured the rights to the chants, moreover, I have arranged most of them myself.
Partly #chants result from a long stretched “A” of the word “Amen”.

But listen for yourself what you can discover in the song, it’s not a usual arrangement, it’s on-going.

Fun Fact!
If you listen closely to Sadeness, you can hear the beginning of the word “Keep” by the singer of Soul 2 Soul at the end of the drumloop
A short “ke” sound, similar to a snare.
Besides, I used to think that e.g. the vocals / chants and the drums were carefully written and produced for this song.
But it is (as with a plenty of Enigma’s Songs) kind of a sample chain from other songs.

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Find all links here: 😊

My new Album and EP are already finalized, now I’m still sorting out distribution etc. so please stay tuned 😎👌

Aries Beats - Passion (Gregorian Chants Christian New Age 90s Retro Pop).jpg

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